Building community to elect politicians with the courage to act.

We all need to be community and poltical organizers!

VTACC's theory of change: problems as big and urgent as climate change can only be addressed through collective action. If it's going to make a difference, the ultimate goal of our collective action must be electing governments which will introduce strong policies that actually cut GHG emissions.

We build good governments by electing good MP's and MLA's riding by riding. This means we need to meet our neighbours, talk about the things that matter to us, and build strong networks that we can mobilize when we need to call for action from candidates and representatives.

Making changes in our behaviour is an important first step, but we can't stop there. Rallies are inspiring, create momentum, and help build wider awareness, but afterwards we need to head back to our ridings and use that momentum to build face to face connections with neighbours and create strong ties with people who share our values and goals. We need to organize politically at the local level to push for solutions.

Read about one person's effort to change paradigms, not lightbulbs, here: Household Tips from Warrior Mom!

For a great overview of the need for local organizing and how to get it started, read Matt Price's piece, Revenge of the Beaver.